Unnaturally long wound borders triggered by a Bolus of particles running down the vascular system necessarily stimulate unmanageable levels of…
Vaccine Adverse Effects Explained by the Bolus Theory

February 2023

COVID, the pinnacle of a medical collective lunacy entrenched in vaccine propaganda at any cost, even at the expense of our children's health. This…

January 2023

Most cells up-taking vaccine particles will be destroyed by the immune system. However, what about those cells that have immune privilege, cells…
Vaccine Safety Myth - Bret Weinstein from the DarkHorse was kind enough to briefly explain my Bolus Theory, and discuss it with Joe Rogan last week

December 2022

Studies showed inadvertent intravascular injections occur regularly when injecting in the muscle. Further studies confirmed COVID vaccines in IV cause…
"Inadvertent Intravascular is Rare" Myth - Despite Aspiration, Experienced Nurses Hit the Vascular System in 1.9% of Injections according to a 2015…
Vaccine Need Myth - A mathematical conundrum shakes the basis on which some vaccines have been sold to society, further widening the gap between the…

November 2022

For decades vaccine injured shared the exact same symptoms independently of the disease targeted: a clear sign of a shared mechanism of harm.

October 2022

Vaccine Safety Myths - Mistakenly scapegoating the “circulating spike protein” would be like sweeping all the harm and pain from prior vaccine accidents…
Benchmarking Toxicity against known Venoms is an interesting exercise to put things into perspective.
Marc Girardot met with Mathew Crawford for an hour and half discussion on Vaccine Adverse Events Root Causes