Thank you Marc. Really great article. I wrote to MHRA with Tess Lawrie back in mid 2021 requesting their withdrawal due to the high reported (suspected related) death rate/million doses and the adverse events that clearly meant that the injection had gone everywhere: cardiovascular (clots everywhere, sudden unexplained deaths, etc.), neurological, immunological effects were clear already. Early warnings also of miscarriages. Your Chart 2 is extremely helpful. I'm just reading this historical perspective and share in case you find anything useful in it. Published in 1920: the summary of 7 cardinal points and conclusion on pages 211-212 seems as apt today as it was then. Prof Homburg from Germany has shared on twitter a similar list recently. @SHomburg A new poster he says documents the tricks used in vaccine studies. https://x.com/SHomburg/status/1746218977020264454?s=20


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Understanding the science of the mRNA injections complications of course matters. However; anecdotal evidence of the complete failure, intended or not, in managing our recent COVID "pandemic" is overwhelming. Examples are: The ineffective PCR testing method producing false positive results. ~ Hospital treatment protocols that produced the maximum attainable Government bonused COVID diagnoses, Remdesivir use, respirator use and death ~ Nonsensical denial and demonization of safe and effective repurposed drugs ~ Refusal to acknowledge the infinitely superior protection of natural immunity ~ Changing of the definition of vaccine to provide the new mRNA gene therapy drugs with legal immunity ~ All in promotion of "vaccines" that neither stop contraction nor transmission ~ Not just promoting, but mandating citizens inject experimental toxins ~ Restricting freedoms and punishing citizens for not injecting experimental toxins ~ Prime specimens of human health dropping on fields and courts of play post injection ~ Post injection unprecedented presence, abundance and size of blood clotting observed by coroners and embalmers ~ Post injection rise in all cause death ~ Post injection SADS ~ Post injection compromised immune systems leading to increase in any and all disease known to mankind ~ The 100% Government Healthcare COVID management failure record. If there is one Government Healthcare COVID mandate, position, promotion, recommendation or directive that was beneficial to the public's health, I have not found it. There is more, but this is comments; not a book. Again I use the phrase "intended or not", these injections are the insidious and perfect depopulation bomb.

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Marc, I’m sure this question may have been answered in the past but I just discovered your article. In simple terms, how do you explain adverse events happening 2+ years after initial shots? For example, I work in EMS and I’ve seen many strokes especially in the elderly. These usually occur within close proximity (1-4 months post booster) to their last shot. But how do we explain “healthy” individuals dropping dead from cardiac problems years out from their last shot? In your opinion, are individuals who took the vaccines now left to live out the rest of their lives with the possibility of sudden death or do you see a solution or tests to reveal if damage has been done to their bodies?

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I have been experiencing a dull/ burning sensation pain upper left chest. It started about 5 days after my second Pfizer vaccine (Sep 2021). Dr has been describing anti inflammatory- doesn’t work. She says is it my muscles/myalgia.

The pain is also at my back, same spot as the front - as if you can put a spear through it (the back pain was mildly there before the vaccine)

We did every heart test, long test, mammogram- everything is fine.

I have been sitting with this debilitating pain for a year and a half. It goes away with times for a few days, then flare up again. Can it be from the vaccine? What can it be? How to fix it?

Thanks, Melanie

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The LNP’s hold a strong magnetic charge opposite to that of the human. Wouldn’t that increase binding potential rather than help to decrease such until it rubs off as spoken of above.

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A comment spoke of the exosome of the synthetic spike being shed and then toxic as alot got shingles which means the chicken pox virus was reactivated sitting in your nerves dormant for a number of years. Even children unvaxxed got it. I'f you look up exosomes used in treatment therapy it can get bacteria and cause other toxic harms thus is these MRNA shedding these toxic exosomes of spike? Iis it causing hypertension and hurting those with co morbidity. I researched a little and that's what I came up with based on experiences in real time.

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First of all thank you very much for your kind and effettive replay to my questions. Second I apologize for my late answer due some private circumstaimcies.

I Will pay full attention to your inputs completing my tour on your scripts and videos before coming back. In the mean time...

Would you plese let me understand whey localizarion of Spike protein would proof your theory of bolus ? I am not competent at all and I would really be able to understand.

Thank you.

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Thank you!!!!

I can imagine that in addition to an accidental intravascular (intravenous / intra-arterial) injection / administration, an (extremely rare!) partial or full NEURAL INJECTION can also accidentally occur?

That was my first impression after listening to what „Shaun Barcavage“ told Dr. Mobeen about his adverse experiences on November 6th 2021:


It is unfortunate that one cannot escape this possibility by aspiration.

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To attribute most of consequencies to this bolus theory would be necessary proof that adverse effects are stricty correlated to nanoparticles quantity and concentration and the Number of recipients for each type of COVID-19 vaccine. Are them?

On the basis of recipients Astrazemeca would have given 1000% more A/E than Pfizer and 25% .ore than Moderna.

Moderna would have given 800% more than Pfizer. Is that what the data tell?

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Shocking but obviously Known from.the onset

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Apparently they didn’t have enough conclusive evidence to recommend aspiration for Covid 19

It’s like the pandemic required expert evidence for the most commonsense measures.


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Thank you. Like you I have had many family and friends take the poison.

A self-interested question: if you are right, the unvaxxed cannot be injured or seriously injured through shedding, right? Thanks

Never mind, I just read your response to Scott S Manzel. Thanks

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Is it increased blood flow that is causing healthy young athletes to die suddenly?

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"But, but, but, the mRNA jabs are Safe and Effective [repeat until...you realize] that mRNA jabs are not safe or effective. Unless "effective" means ... No. Can't be. They would not hide that would they?

Evidence-based medicine with transparency was never their plan.

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Great post. Very interesting indeed and it seems so obvious now that I’ve read it. I had bad reactions to vaccines between the ages of 14 and 30. At 30 is when I realised it was the vaccines causing my problems in years I was vaccinated.

With me it was due to type 4 allergy to metals. Vaccines with mercury in them generally caused chronic fatigue type syndrome and those with aluminium caused me neurological injury which would start in the first 30 days after vaccination. It caused elevated emotions and I could hear old memories replaying in my head. It would affect my organisational skills and I’d have trouble with planning and processes. I’ve got quite good at picking out people who have had this type of vaccine injury too and have met drs and specialists who are also allergic to the aluminium in the flu vaccine. Yet in NZ the official line from the health authorities is that the aluminium in vaccines cannot cause any bad health issues. Even though it’s happening to drs and specialists. The health system have a hang up when it comes to the biological effects of metals. If you suggest it they will jump down your throat as though youve just run over their cat

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Mr Girardot if you could answer this I would be really grateful:if some damage might be due to a high concentration of some elements in the bloodstream, then hypothetically if one were to remoce some blood through a blood draw do you think that would lower the concentration? Does it work like that? Is there a slight chance of this working? Thanks

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