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Marc, speaking of LNPs and danger, have you read this Stat News article on Moderna from 2016? Here's the quote that made me think of your theory "Delivery — actually getting RNA into cells — has long bedeviled the whole field. On their own, RNA molecules have a hard time reaching their targets. They work better if they’re wrapped up in a delivery mechanism, such as nanoparticles made of lipids. But those nanoparticles can lead to dangerous side effects, especially if a patient has to take repeated doses over months or years." https://www.statnews.com/2016/09/13/moderna-therapeutics-biotech-mrna/

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Hey Marc, I re-read the link you shared from Dr Claverie today.


According to his pdf 10 months ago, based on his calculation, the number of lipid nanoparticles inside the Pfizer shot is 1.35*e13(thirteen trillion five hundred billion), while the number of LNP inside the Moderna shot is 4.67*e13(fourty-six trillion seven hundred billion), WHICH BOTH OF THEM CONTAINS NANOPARTICLES WAY MORE THAN JUST 10 OR 50 BILLIONS INSIDE...

Here are his own writings in French:

Calcul du nombre de molécules d’ARNm dans une dose de vaccin

1- Nous obtenons la séquence nucléotidique précise des ARNm à partir du

site de partage de données académiques github.com:


2- Nous calculons la masse molaire de chacun des ARNs (voir annexe):

BioNTech/Pfizer_BNT-162b2_vaccine: 1341,379 kDa (1.341.379 Da)

Moderna_mRNA-1273_vaccine: 1288,795 kDa (1.288.795 Da)

3- Nous calculons à combien de molécules réelles correspondent les dosages indiqués (30 microgrammes et 100 microgrammes)

Pfizer :

6.02 1023 (nombre d’Avogadro) molécules correspondent à 1.341.379 g

30 microgrammes correspondent donc à :

6.02 1023

1.341.379 × 30 × 10−6 = 1.35 × 10^13

Moderna :

6.02 10^23 (nombre d’Avogadro) molécules correspondent à 1.341.379 g

100 microgrammes correspondent donc à :

6.02 10^23

1.288.795 × 100 × 10−6 = 4.67 × 10^13

Comparaison avec le nombre de virus dans le cas d’infection naturelle

Les nombres ci-dessus sont véritablement astronomiques, quand on sait qu’un

patient est considéré comme très positif avec une valeur de PCR Ct=24, et que

cela correspond à 2.106virus/ml (millilitre)

So it is showing that there are 13 trillion LNP in each Pfizer vax, and 46 trillion in each Moderna vax in contrast to 10 billion and 50 billion you said here? Or am I reading it incorrectly? Can you please give me an answer? Thank you.

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Marc, your analyses are quite compelling. Do you have any peer-reviewed publications or links to official scientific publications by others that support your estimations?

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When they are giving 6 month old babies a shot with arms that are only a few inches in diameter how are they sure they hit a muscle?

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Marc, this may be old news to you but if not I think it is of interest: https://youtu.be/-Y7dTMzn9B8

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A strategy to end the Plandemic and restore our inalienable rights world wide

I started the first annual global protests to legalize Cannabis, and end the Drug War, back in 1990 using my magazine as a platform to push it. I was actually amazed that it worked. I think this was the first annual global protest in human history by the way.

That was before a robust internet. I should mention that they apparently did use EMF weapons in Calgary the other day to push protesters back.

If I were a betting man I would say we will loose. But we do have some things on our side: everyone from parents to various groups want the Plandemic to end.

From my own experience it is important to have shared primary goals/demands. With the plandemic I would say these are most important as they derail the globalist agenda and give us back our inalienable rights:

* No Lockdowns EVER again

* No forced masking ANYWHERE,

* No forced vaccinations under ANY circumstance

* Absolutely no vaccine passports or digital currency

* Reinstate all of those that lost jobs for refusing to get the mRNA injection, including all of our Healthcare workers

* Wearing a mask or getting a mRNA injection will be up to each individual and there will be ABSOLUTELY no penalty for not complying in or out of the workplace.

That would end the Plandemic which is only part of the globalist agenda. There are actually many additional things that need to be done. I can't go into all of it. But immigration is part of Agenda21/2030. I think we should demand that every single Illegal Alien that came in under the Biden administration should be deported using EVerify and screening school kids for legitimate citizenship. We should give them a stipend to cover their costs going back and stop GMO farming in their countries to boost employment and improve health.

Again there are other things that also need to be pursued: reopening the Keystone Pipeline etc.

Please read my latest essay and sign up for a free subscription. Also read my previous essays if you have the time.


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What about the new Novavax vaccine , a traditional vaccine , not vector,not MRNA ? Are the same concerns applicable ?

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Hi Marc, is it clear whether the tissue damage occurs from the NLP per se, or the spike protein that gets produced?

Meaning the main problem is the carrier, or the spike protein?

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My comment went elsewhere. It was enlightening and reassuring that some very good minds are being applied to this.

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Haven't seen this site before. It is apparent that some very bright minds are being applied to the batch numbers and what happened to them. All the right questions are being asked and the 'hive mind' is effectively sifting through the data to arrive at some pretty damning conclusions.

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Having lot numbers don't mean much unless one knows where they were allocated. A rough idea based on injuries and deaths can then be made. I can't see Fizzer offering that information.

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There's a missing link between the number of RNA messengers deployed and the claimed number of spikes produced.

In order to square that circle, you need to explain how one messenger can cause the expression of 1000 spike proteins. Supposedly, after the message is transcribed and the spike produced, the messenger itself is dismantled and the amino acids recycled by the cell.

I'm willing to believe that that the pharma companies got that wrong as well, but I'd like to see the link.

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So what is the purpose of the graphene nano tubes and objects that look like circuit boards?

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If the mRNA caused the cell transformation at the rate mentioned in this article, the body would experience anaphylaxis and a cytokine storm. Instead what seems to be happening from reports in the field, is that the mRNA is causing localized inflammation and overwhelming blood clotting events which are causing stroke and/or heart attacks. Your theoretical musings must agree with known physiological effects.

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Thank you

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Thank you

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