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Salut Marc-

Have you caught CSI 43 yet, from Thurs Feb 17? Pierre Sonigo makes a very good presentation there that complements well your writings on immunity. Have you come across anyone (à part toi, bien sûr!) providing such perspective in English? I have not.

I think if someone were to present such an explanation to a broad anglophone audience, it could be a huge help. I could see you having a good conversation with someone like Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying on this topic.

CSI #43: https://crowdbunker.com/v/sTxf83wm


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Once the immune response fades after six months or so and the immune system enters "sentinel mode", I assume there would be some lag between reinfection and a renewed immune response. Would it be possible to get such a massive inoculum that the reinfection could outrun the immune response, especially if other factors like stress and diet hindered the immune response?

I'm reminded of Dr. Jackie Stone's description of getting COVID twice in her "In Discussion With" video (@17:00, still available at Osysee). First time was in early 2020, probably the original strain, and was relatively mild. Second time was a massive exposure to the South African strain in December, 2020, which developed into severe COVID (she describes knocking back a single 100 mg dose of ivermectin as a Hail Mary to pull her through). They can afford very little testing in Zimbabwe so it's possible Dr. Stone's first infection was not in fact COVID. Still, at the time of the interview she was convinced both infections were COVID. 

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I am sorry if this is odd question. I don't understand "reinfection". Because it is impossible as I know of. Human body cannot be infected with same kind of virus twice, if it is said to be happened what does that mean?? Sars1 infected people were immuned to Sars2 which is 20% different variant. Is that called asymptomatic reinfection? If we admit reinfection exists we also admit the logic(if it is) of the liars who say "covid vaccine can't prevent infection but reduce symptom". They say in that way because they don't understand our body is able to cope with large spectrum of variant, they call it reinfection, not immunization. I recently found out what they've meant on earth, it's about "the variant". And I think it confuses the definition of vaccine as "vaccine" is to sterilise, not for the other reason. I hope I'm well conveyed.

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Hi…I think death toll in VAERS is 22k,, no?

I have a cousin that got Covid last year, in Brazil, probably gamma variant…then he got vaccinated and this week he got Covid again, probably Omicron…I guess that the vaccines got over his memory T and B-cells and predisposed him to this new infection…I’m reading a lot about it and seems the way 3 or 4 jabs are more susceptible to infection.regards

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Thank you for reposting this. I did not see this originally. I have been trying to explain to my family in bits and pieces what I have read in so many places. Now I can share this with them so they can get a complete story at once. I recovered, natural immunity, and had to defend myself against three doctors and my family who dismissively scoffed at my telling them exactly what you state in this post.

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Let's see, immune system response to a single highly mutable antigen vs whole live virus...which one is likely to result in robust, durable immunity? A reasonably intelligent high school youngster who paid attention in biology class could probably sort that one out.

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Former Top Pfizer Scientist Michael Yeadon Claims COVID Vaccines May Cause Infertility In Women

Posted by EU Times on Dec 8th, 2020


Within a Stay Of Action petition filed with the European Medicines Agency requesting that the Phase III Trials in Germany be suspended until serious procedural flaws are corrected, Former Prizer Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, claims that the COVID vaccine has the potential to cause infertility in women, specifically that the Pfizer COVID vaccine as well as other COVID vaccines currently in Phase III trials are:

…expected to induce the formation of humoral antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. Syncytin-1 (see Gallaher, B., “Response to nCoV2019 Against Backdrop of Endogenous Retroviruses” –


...which is derived from human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) and is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals and humans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy, is also found in homologous form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses.


Vaccines have long been used as vehicles to deliver sterilizing agents to women, and not just in the Third World.

And we have been told repeatedly that pregnant women should be among the first to get their COVID vaccines — right on cue.

As one of its primary stated goals, we know that the Bill Gates Foundation — one of the prime movers behind this fake pandemic — is actively involved in world depopulation.

It’s almost inconceivable that having sterility as one of the “unintended” consequences of these COVID vaccines wasn’t discussed in their board meetings.

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EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’

‘Look out the window, and think, “why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’

Wed Apr 7, 2021 - 8:47 am EST


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Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.'

1,679,207 views Oct 4, 2021


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Thank you for crafting an elegant and easy to read summary for the common man detailing the scientific information coming to the forefront, albeit yet to be recognized and fully acknowledged in policy. It will happen. Truth will prevail. It has been heartening to see people rise up in their own way, in their respective areas of strength, to defend humanity as a whole. The truckers, scientists, and the lawyers are hard at it right now. Dr. Luc Montagnier said "It is time for the artists" and I believe he is correct. Next, imagination will be the most powerful tool we can utilize as we create a better future and systems for our grandchildren and theirs.

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Hi Marc,

Very good revisiting this article..

We have initiated legal proceedings here in Australia seeking our drugs regulator the TGA, suspend or cancel these vaccines. Details available here: https://avn.org.au/avn-takes-tga-to-federal-court/

Marc I wish to include your updated table showing Deaths Reported to 22 January on VAERS, the EU, and YellowCard, but am having difficulty sourcing the data/numbers, for the purpose of providing reference links to your chart, particularly the EU data for the Deaths Figure of 36,267

Can you please direct me to the EU report for that 36,267 figure?

Thank you,



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And all it took was 145 studies to prove that natural immunity is superior! Yes, I'm being facetious. Thanks for another excellent article.

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Mark, thank you so much for this detailed explanation of natural immunity. I’ve been puzzling over the Covid 19 natural immunity issue for sometime. I’m curious for thoughts on the following: Folks continue to get the flu every year despite recovering the flu the year before. If Covid 19 is to be with us (like the flu), how will Covid 19 natural immunity be any different?

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Wow! What a journey you have taken us on. So well researched and written. I can honestly say I was on the verge of tears. Why hasn't this information been available to the public before? How many pointless deaths? Thank you for your courage and fearless research. When this is over there we will know who the real heroes are. No more legacy media and sacred cows. Our leaders should be ashamed, CDC, FDA, NIH, White House, are all captured, false hero's like Bright, Fauci, Collins and Danzak. I believe this was released with the Wuhan games, many military have come out and told us they contracted something like flu and many of my patients said they contracted in October 2019. We have been battered and bruised fighting for the truth. That so few villains could get away with so much nonsense is a testament to their preparedness. When I asks friends who owns Fox News, the say Murdock, and I laugh. How about Blackrock and Vanguard, they are the puppet masters, Citizens United and anonymous unlimited dark money, and they point the finger at bitcoin. LOL! Gates, Sergei Brin, Bezos, Zuckerberg, surveillance state dystopia. Please continue to do what you have beed doing, virtue has it's own reward, my friend.

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What’s interesting is that just last week my employer sent around an email imploring us to get boosted with a section at the bottom citing “experts”.

One so-called expert doctor answered the exact question regarding natural immunity bs vaccines and directly countered these findings. Now, I am pretty well read on this stuff and I just about quit then and there.

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Anyone with a brain already knows this stuff. The question is how many will die because they have been poisoned by the vaccine? And what will we do with the criminals who promoted, supported and vaccinated 4.5 billion people?

Here is two my posts on these subjects on SubStack:



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