Your one of the best....


Your position on vaxxing children or anyone for that matter with the adverse effects & death profile that is well documented with these "vaccines" makes no logical sense per say.

It feels like your experiencing emotional psychosis.

This "Bolus" description lacks substance.

Love your work and work ethic.

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Jul 1, 2022·edited Jul 1, 2022

Thank you Marc for your response…much of which I agree. But, if you agree that massive harm has occurred along with massive fraud and indifference without reliable efficacy or net benefits, why would you hedge against calling for a full-stop of these rollouts (with no ifs, ands or buts)?

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And, despite the overwhelming evidence of vaccine adverse events, you continue to suggest that injections continue, albeit with slower administration. It’s as if you’re trying to acquit big pharma by blaming the technicians or offering an adjustment to injection techniques, as opposed to calling for complete cessation of all Covid-19 injections

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A recent Stanford study was terminated at 60 days but was still showing the presence of spike proteins. It’s too bad that the study wasn’t able to continue until no s-proteins could be observed.

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One study is going to settle this question?

I added, but not on the other one... I need to. Many purposeful studies that aren't scientific

Lancet did a "study "... a deceptive one, that was finally retracted... after the damage was done. And used long after, as legitimate

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Dear Sir.

Please explain to me why we don't see anyone on our side championing or setting up blood analysis databases on these easily verifiable vaccine induced injuries.

Blood Clots. d-Dimer, CRP

Immune System D3, D4, D8

Compromise health projections could be made with scientific confidence.

Then you would not have to continue to BEG for interaction & Media attention.

WHY ??

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Apr 7, 2022Liked by Marc Girardot

A pharmacist admits to 10% blood present on aspiration. Physicians nearly zero. In the US, al least, physicians are not administering the injections. Pharmacists, nurses, techs, et al are the shot givers. Just noting.

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Regarding the Ogawa study, it would be interesting to look at a larger sample size. Given that the subject group was relatively small, I’m curious as to how their observations might map to other groups, especially differentiated by age, gender, and ethnicity.

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This is brilliant! I love how you calculated the transfection potential of different routes of administration. Well done!

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Does this have any bearing on it? For example, points 3 and 4. (are the half spikes detected when measuring spike level?)


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If the problem was incorrect delivery, myocarditis incidences would not be higher after the second dose - why would the second dose have a higher chance of being administered intravenously?

Also, there are other studies out there saying spike protein is produced for a long time post vaccination. I am pretty sure Malone discusses this.

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Apr 4, 2022·edited Apr 5, 2022

The s-protein is the core component™ around which the 'solution' is based.

Gene based tech is then purposed to induce cells to make s-protein, so as to then induce antibody response, as a novel means to 'immunize' according to the idea that antibodies confer specific immunity to specific diseases.

Inserting genetic material requires 'transfection' or the breaking into or hacking of the cell boundary by PEG coated payloads.

Notably reproducing the hijack and reproduction of coded results in a mechanism presumed to occur 'naturally' as infection.

As a sceptic of invested stakeholder narrative leveraging spun out of defence to biotech™, I expect the payloads are undisclosed nanoscale experimentation for the kind of 'applications' touted by the nano biotech industry and generally introduced into many pharma drugs and biological testing.

The Germ theory didn't pan out as expected & invested, so genetics came to its rescue. Genetic miracle cures didn't pan out expected profits either, it was kept on life support as cancer therapy where failure doesn't actually show up - any more than AZT for HIV 'test' diagnosis. Graphene is one among many facets and components of yet another huge investment drive, not just for profits but for utilising extended controls but remote and real-time monitoring

How much of any 'Sell' to investors is hyped up confidence trick supported by psyoperated Media (& WHO driven) lockstep?

So last but not least the nocebo.

Who amidst the covidan cult era can doubt the power of the mind? Those who manipulate minds dont!

Injected people are being programmed to believe they are time bombs set to go off. On top of all the contagion fears & social exclusion fears.

BTW T cells clear up dysfunctional cells. No need to 'attack' them. Pathological projections permeate a weaponised 'biology' that simply does its thing as best it can with what it has - regardless the self-destructive behaviours of an identity complex running as if in control of life.

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Marc, don't believe to ANY, ANY, ANY studies coming from the U.S. universities... unless they are confirmed multiple times from unbiased foreign sources.

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Thank you. Just for clarification: Is your claim that free-floating spikes are not the root cause of adverse effects exclusively related to the jabs or also to COVID?

If free-floating spikes are not causing hypercoagulation with severe COVID, then what is?

My understanding is that the most important problems with severe COVID are hypercoagulation and endotheliitis, which lead to downstream problems such as breathing difficulties, because circulation is hampered and red blood cells can't exchange oxygen. Pneumonia is also an issue, but not the core issue. Am I wrong?

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