You are ignoring or not getting 'biophysics'.

The principle is zeta potential as the determiner of colloidal suspension.

The so called spike protein - (meaning I am not sure of its claims or etiology as stated by its patent holders) - is extremely cationic - leading to blood sludge-clumping microstrokes etc.

In fact all the symptoms common to vaccines - but showing up as a result of heitened attention/questioning and perhaps more agravating components.

I don't limit this effect to nanopaticulates or but if you wanted to GoF a way to kill cells AS IF by invisible infectious agents, that could then be attributed to manual genetic therapy 'transfection' then you can set the charge for the genetic bio security state to 'save us' from the fallout from a reset of original sin - as irrevocably damaged genetics.

All of which could be of course nonsense - BUT so would all of what transpired in the last 3 years be to go back an warn anyone of 5 years ago.

Are you aware of the nature of water inside the body, cells and blood as having electrical structure? That lines the endothelium with an exclusion zone of negatively charged crystalline gel water? That if this beaks down then your postulates of basic plumbing come into play.

I don't seek belief, I prompt lines and avenues of questioning.

The gel water takes on a hexagonal lattice of molecular alignment that has bio-electrical qualities.

graphene sheets have a hexagonal lattice of atomic alignment that has bio-electrical qualities. Whether that is anything to do with the 'Spike Agenda' even as stealth experiments under cover of other confusions - who knows? But you can easily look up the research of a such intentions being acted out on animal subjects. It is multi-billion dollar investment.

To my knowledge there is NO oversight or regulatory structures for the application of nanotech - which casual search reveals ubiquitous in many different applications far beyond but including biology. the nature of nanoparticulates within biofields is part of natural function - but the discovery of this is amazingly used by insiders for marketising and weaponizing gain of function. How surprising is that! (not!).

Read amidwesterndoctor's clear exposition of the various factors involved.

Whether graphene itself is involved is secondary to the nature and function of zeta potential within this issue of death and disease directly associating with mass injections.

amidwesterndoctor is not pushing graphene or nanotech as he completely accepts 'spike protein™ claims for covid as a novel disease from a novel virus. So he looks no further for suspects but draws attention to the unrecognised 'micro-strokes' associated with blood sludge first brought to attention by Andrew Moulden.

I wonder where psyop ends and the negative biologic reactions begin. There is a realm of nested deceits that are more a part of our conditioned mind and worldview than we realise.

Make of this what you will. I wont persist beyond sharing what I value to those who recognise something worthy of investigation.

You did not as yet receive the first message - because you skimmed it without listening.

In any case the bolus angle is a genuine facet in all this but has no dramatic traction in a realm of invested opiniuon - not discounting the vast resources of the social engineeringfocused to engineering our thoughts - by modelling reactions and being always several steps ahead of anything but love.

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Why could it not be liver damage of some sort? Liver damage is a known side effect. I have two close friends that have had their cholesterol sky rocket after receiving the vaccine. Both people have never had high cholesterol before.

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Subnote, subcutaneous needle injects as compared to deep tissue and muscle or possible accidental veinous injections. Aspiration, might barely address these concerns. Only Subcuteneous injection at most. A observation by a homeopathic care giver, not a western nurse or doctor studies and certified person. Total Idiot, but concerned fellow human.

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Here we have a review of hydrolic wounding practices of fluid injection injury of a iiving hermtically self contained organism.

And a first pioneer insight to the advantages of subcutaneous injections of medications, or homepathic needed delivery of medicaments or water memory encouragement of a imbalance or starving person or mamal.

Thanks to the Researcher. Marc Girardot and yourself, Dr. Campbell.

Body of Data Researcher, Broadleigh John Knight, sorry for lack of name recall.

This is a self note, of obviously signifanct research and medical proceedure for generic medical practices.

DR. CAMPBELL, you carry the same name as, Dr. A.R. Campbell of TX, USA who by 1929 or so, concluded Small Pox is a reaction to BED BUG Bite venom or toxin in their mouth where bacterial of such a savapore is quite active. A point he suggested, innoculating a person with Smallpox Vaccines, was useless, since a person bit by such bugs, will always have to excrete the non-water soluable toxin through the skin. Such as happens with Ergot poisoning, as well as; measles, mumps, chicken pox, ect. If one were to seriously avoid confirmation bias in accepting only germ theory or contagion theory or virus theory as the only cause of the skin organ assisting the body in elimination of toxins, venoms, poisons, and industrial pollutants.

DR. A.R. Campbell eliminated small pox in Dallas, TX, specifically by education about hygiene and bed cover cleanlyness, as well as sunbleeching, (minor) air drying quilts and blankets out doors periotically.

See old superstitions about "vampire", sunlight, Bed Bugs Photophobic bahavior, and Dustmite and poop ammerleration by sunlight exposure habits. Yes, analogue science is only a hint at actaul causation clues.

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This is LNP-driven harm. I have noted some of my patients develop elevated D-dimer levels at the time of their adverse event. The UK standard of care is to carry out a CT-angiogram to check for PE, and then ignore the D-dimer result if the CT is negative. You have outlined a credible model for vaccine-induced vascular side effects - would D-dimer be elevated in these patients? How should these harms be diagnosed?

Do you have an opinion on what the set of adverse events due to mRNA/ spike protein harm would be?

And are there harms from contamination during the manufacturing process (e.g. DNA contamination)?

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Mar 18, 2023Liked by Marc Girardot

Like keying a long scratch down the side of a car.

Rusts and peels the paint.

That is bad.

More worse for a Human.

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So we still labour the bolus theory at the expense of other considerations.

Respectfully, your eyes are closed to evil and dangerous intent with the vaccines.

Unfortunately there are many that have these intentions and nanotechnology and its consequences should not be dismissed as 'impossible'.

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Mar 16, 2023Liked by Marc Girardot

I think you’re spot on here. The mechanism of harm is something we haven’t faced before on this scale. Internal damage to the endothelium lining the vascular system would no doubt trigger clotting response and have downstream effects we haven’t experienced before—but the mechanisms aren’t new. What’s new is the intravascular delivery of LNPs and the bolus. This is an area where your theory makes perfect sense!

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Marc this is exceptional work and very compelling. Thank you.! Considering the 14K+ different adverse reactions to these experimental Biologicals. Do you have an opinion as to whether these were deliberately formulated to turn the human body into a Biological time bomb? Any opinion on a possible PsyOp?

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I like this article!

As a tangent do you know about Christie Laura Grace who has a substack called Recombinant Reflections


She is an expert in LNPs which you might find interesting and a conversation between the two of you would be interesting.

Here is one interview in which I think she mentions how she has a theory to explain the long fibrin style clots amoungst an explanation for many other side effects.


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Posit me this. What if there are micro-razors (aka graphene) slicing up your blood vessels. Would that not make more sense. Please access Dr. Andreas' analysis of graphene being included in the mRNA injections.

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So should people be on ASA if infected, as per flccc, or amyloid busters like lumbrokinase, serrapetase , natto as others suggest?

Or might it make things worst?

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Marc, I met you briefly about in the beginning of this mess during a PANDA meeting. I am grateful you have continued to persevere all these long months in this hypothesis development.

At some point when I’m done w grad school, I would love to collaborate on a paper with you outlining the consequences of your findings for nurses/patients/ medication administration.

I think the ‘thousand cuts’ has merits. I have to come back a reread more slowly.

Love back from across the pond.

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Very interesting. To say biology has nothing to do with physics is simple gatekeeping. Of course physics affect our biology.

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